The breakfast revelation: overnight oats.

Blueberry/blackerry/pecan overnight oats, layered with sliced banana and yoghurt.   Frozen berry and almond overnight oats layered with yoghurt and topped with strawberries. In a hurry? Not even two minutes to spare for some hot porridge? Get organised and prepare these “overnight” oats the night before, grab it and go on your way out the… Continue reading The breakfast revelation: overnight oats.

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The most amazing carrot cake pancakes.

I just love carrot cake. And with breakfast being the best meal of the day, why not have your cake and eat it? I’m not joking, but I honestly think these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had (ok, so I haven’t eaten a lot of pancakes I suppose…) but they are moist, fluffy, juicy… Continue reading The most amazing carrot cake pancakes.