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My top Nottingham eats: Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie

Tucked away in an alley of an abandoned shopping mall where across the way you can have your afro cut, lies this little gem of a place. With a few small tables outside and another few in,┬ábeside the tiny working kitchen is Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie. A small menu of savoury galettes (like those above) and… Continue reading My top Nottingham eats: Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie

Bread · Desserts and bakes

Mum’s wheaten bread

Fresh bread. I can’t think of anything better, the smell of a loaf baking in the oven and the reward of cutting off a piece of something you’ve made yourself. This is a simple recipe for a traditional Irish wheaten bread loaf which doesn’t require any fancy equipment, or waiting around for proving. My mum… Continue reading Mum’s wheaten bread