Frothy frolics: a simple tip for frothy milk

You know that lovely foam you get in your latte or cappuccino? It can’t be achieved with one of those little battery IKEA whisks. Sorry. But here is a tip to create your own at home with the help of your trusty cafetiere. No expensive frothers needed! Add cold milk (semi-skimmed is fine) to the… Continue reading Frothy frolics: a simple tip for frothy milk

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A foodie’s guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen. A city of bicycles, bridges and even a beach. Home to the Little Mermaid and Noma (the best restaurant in the WORLD). A place were people are kind and patient (thank you K for the directions whilst standing in the rain with a soggy map). Even crossing the road before the green man is… Continue reading A foodie’s guide to Copenhagen