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Pete’s blitzed broad beans on Kim’s sourdough toast

Food always tastes best when eaten in season. Nowadays, we’re so spoiled with being able to eat worldwide ingredients at anytime of the year, from watermelon in winter to squash in summer. However, not only is seasonal produce better tasting, it’s better for us nutritionally, being ripe and fully developed. It’s also cheaper due to… Continue reading Pete’s blitzed broad beans on Kim’s sourdough toast

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Discovering Nottingham’s hidden gems

On a recent weekend, I donned my snapback and rucksack, packed my trusty Bobble water bottle, charged up my phone and headed into town for a day of two of exploring the hidden delights and gems of Nottingham. I’ve been living in this city almost two years now and yet still continually growing to love… Continue reading Discovering Nottingham’s hidden gems