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Granger & Co. Inspired Ricotta Hotcakes

As an avid Instagram user, I’ve noticed that a few select dishes seem to have acclaimed an almost “cult” status wherein a certain restaurant will be frequented just for that one particular plate which is photographed over and over. One of these is the fluffy, light and puffy-cloud ricotta hotcakes from Australian brunch haven, Granger… Continue reading Granger & Co. Inspired Ricotta Hotcakes

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Pete’s blitzed broad beans on Kim’s sourdough toast

Food always tastes best when eaten in season. Nowadays, we’re so spoiled with being able to eat worldwide ingredients at anytime of the year, from watermelon in winter to squash in summer. However, not only is seasonal produce better tasting, it’s better for us nutritionally, being ripe and fully developed. It’s also cheaper due to… Continue reading Pete’s blitzed broad beans on Kim’s sourdough toast


The breakfast revelation: overnight oats.

Blueberry/blackerry/pecan overnight oats, layered with sliced banana and yoghurt.   Frozen berry and almond overnight oats layered with yoghurt and topped with strawberries. In a hurry? Not even two minutes to spare for some hot porridge? Get organised and prepare these “overnight” oats the night before, grab it and go on your way out the… Continue reading The breakfast revelation: overnight oats.