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Granger & Co. Inspired Ricotta Hotcakes

As an avid Instagram user, I’ve noticed that a few select dishes seem to have acclaimed an almost “cult” status wherein a certain restaurant will be frequented just for that one particular plate which is photographed over and over. One of these is the fluffy, light and puffy-cloud ricotta hotcakes from Australian brunch haven, Granger… Continue reading Granger & Co. Inspired Ricotta Hotcakes

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Discovering Nottingham’s hidden gems

On a recent weekend, I donned my snapback and rucksack, packed my trusty Bobble water bottle, charged up my phone and headed into town for a day of two of exploring the hidden delights and gems of Nottingham. I’ve been living in this city almost two years now and yet still continually growing to love… Continue reading Discovering Nottingham’s hidden gems

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My Top Nottingham Eats: The Cod’s Scallops

When it comes to fish and chips, it should be an occasional treat, something to look forward to and totally worth the calories. There’s nothing worse than having your expectations heightened, building yourself up for a good old pig-out feast only to be disappointed by soggy batter and oily grease. That’s why I’ve become dissatisfied… Continue reading My Top Nottingham Eats: The Cod’s Scallops

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My top Nottingham eats: Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie

Tucked away in an alley of an abandoned shopping mall where across the way you can have your afro cut, lies this little gem of a place. With a few small tables outside and another few in, beside the tiny working kitchen is Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie. A small menu of savoury galettes (like those above) and… Continue reading My top Nottingham eats: Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie